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112mm Half Round to Cast Iron Ogee Gutter Adaptor - R/H.
  • 112mm Half Round to Cast Iron Ogee Gutter Adaptor - R/H.

112mm Half Round to Cast Iron Ogee Gutter Adaptor - R/H



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Product Details

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Application Type: Rainwater Gutter
Profile Type: 112mm Half Round
Product Type: PVCu to Cast Iron Adaptor – Ogee R/H
Brand: FloPlast
Width: 125mm
Height: 60mm
Length: 105mm
Material: PVCu
Standards: Manufactured to BS EN 607
                     Kitemarked - KM501316

This 112mm Half Round gutter adaptor is designed to connect 112mm Half Round PVCu gutter lengths to Ogee cast iron gutter lengths. It provides a cost-effective solution for semi-detached and terrace houses where gutter runs are shared. Easy to install with good flow capacity and a 10-year performance and colour guarantee.

This is for a right-handed connection to an Ogee gutter. For a left-handed connection, choose the PVCu to Cast Iron Adaptor – Ogee L/H product instead.

Important Note: Not all guttering systems are compatible with each other. Our guide to planning a guttering installation contains a compatibility table for FloPlast gutter systems.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • The original Half Round profile.
  • Clip system for fast & easy installation.
  • Connects Half Round PVCu gutter length to Ogee cast iron gutter length.
  • Right-hand fitting.
  • Available in multiple colour options.
  • FloPlast 10-year colour and performance guarantee
  • Covered by BSI Kitemark – no. KM501316.
  • Manufactured to BS EN 607 standards.

Manufacturer’s Advice: Half Round gutter adaptors should be supported by a fascia bracket fitted within 150mm of the joint on the PVCu side of the connection. FloPlast recommend the use of lubricant on all gutter seals for ease of fitting and improved performance.


FloPlast Half Round Guttering System

FloPlast is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of Plastic Building and Plumbing systems to the UK construction sector. They specialise in Roofline products with an extensive range of Rainwater systems, including the Half Round gutter.

With a max flow rate of 1.05 litres/sec for a gutter system installed with a 1:350 fall ratio (0.82 l/s if installed level), the Half Round gutter system, connected to a 68mm Round downpipe by a Stopend Outlet at the end of the gutter run, is suitable for a maximum roof area of 50m2 (40m2 if installed level).

If using a Running Outlet connected to a 68mm Round downpipe at the centre of the gutter run, the max flow rate of the Half Round system increases to 2.34 litres/sec, if installed with a 1:350 fall ratio (1.62 l/s if installed level), making it suitable for a maximum roof area of 113m2 (77m2 if installed level).

Features & benefits

  • A practical, easy to install system.
  • Good flow capacity.
  • Pre-fitted gutter seal retaining clip system for fast user-friendly installation.
  • Pre-lubricated seals.
  • Cost effective solution for both new build and refurbishment applications.
  • Connects to most other metal or plastic systems using an extensive range of adaptors.
  • Adjustable Angles 50° – 156° are available.
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark – no. KM501316.

Manufacturer’s Advice: For optimum performance of Half Round gutter systems, we recommend the use of FloPlast 68mm Round downpipe system.

System Standards
FloPlast’s Half Round guttering products are designed and manufactured to the following standards:

  • BSI Kitemark number: KM 501316 – BS EN 607, BS EN 12200 and BS EN 1462 Plastic rainwater, piping and guttering systems for above ground use – Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (PVC-U.
  • BS EN 607 – Eaves gutters and fittings made of PVC-U.
  • BS EN 1462 – Brackets for eaves gutters.
  • BS EN 12200-1 – Plastics rainwater piping systems for above ground external use. Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U).
  • BS EN 681 – Elastomeric seals. Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications. Thermoplastic elastomers.


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Half Round
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