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Drain Tracing Dye
  • Drain Tracing Dye

Drain Tracing Dye

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Product Details

200g jar of drain trace dye available in green, red, blue or yellow colours.

Also known as sewer tracing dye this product is suitable for foul sewer or surface water drainage systems.

Completely soluble in water, drain tracing dye adds a strong colour to water and is used to locate and detect the direction of water flow in pipes and drainage systems. Tracing dye is also used to trace the source of leaks from sewers and drainage systems that may be entering the local environment or watercourses from drain damage, contamination and water pathways.

Green dye contains 50% flourescene/fluorescein; red, blue and yellow colours are made from 100% food grade products, and are easy to use, non-harmful and highly concentrated.

Use 5ml of dye (roughly a teaspoon) per 10 litres of cold water. It's best to mix the dye into a bucket first before adding to the flow of a drain.
A 200g jar will provide up to 15,000 litres of trace dye in chemical free water.
More dye may be required in sewer, grey, dirty or contaminated water.

Within 3 Working Days