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Premium Plast 90d Compression Tee.
  • Premium Plast 90d Compression Tee.

Premium Plast 90d Compression Tee

STP Acuster ST709020G3
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Product Type: PE Tee
Installation Type: Compression
Branch Angle: 90 Degrees
Brand: STP Acuster
Nominal Diameter Mains: 20mm - 90mm
Application: Potable Water, Farming & Agriculture Equipment
Material: Polypropylene
                  Nitrile Rubber (O-Ring)

This STP Acuster Premium Plast Compression Tee is designed to create a 90 degree branch in a PE water pipe line. Manufactured in Europe following the highest quality controls, this tee is suitable for line pipe systems up to 16 bar.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Fast solution for creating a 90dg branch in Polyethylene pipe lines.
  • Nominal pressure PN 16 (lab tested up to 24PN).
  • The composition of plastic parts includes a UV stabilizer.
  • Suitable for potable and non-potable applications.
  • Assembly quality control, resistance to pull-out and long term leak tightness of assembled joints.

Available Sizes: (Please ensure to select the correct option before purchase)

  • 20mm Compression Tee (for creating a 20mm branch at 90 degrees from a 20mm PE pipe)
  • 25mm Compression Tee (for creating a 25mm branch at 90 degrees from a 25mm PE pipes)
  • 32mm Compression Tee (for creating a 32mm branch at 90 degrees from a 32mm PE pipes)
  • 50mm Compression Tee (for creating a 50mm branch at 90 degrees from a 50mm PE pipes)
  • 63mm Compression Tee (for creating a 63mm branch at 90 degrees from a 63mm PE pipes)
  • 90mm Compression Tee (for creating a 90mm branch at 90 degrees from a 90mm PE pipes)

STP Acuster Water Service Fittings

STP Acuster Group develops, manufactures and markets products and services for Water, Gas, Mining and Telecommunications markets. They develop solutions based on the integration of technologically advanced components, systems and services designed to meet the needs of each market and their specific niches.

Their PREMIUM PLAST range of water service fittings utilise a mechanical splice compression design. Splicing occurs through external compression of a ring at the outside wall of the polyethylene pipe. They are manufactured from 100% PP-B, providing superior hydraulic and mechanical properties over other PP generations, while passing all necessary testing for use in all kinds of drinking water networks. These tests are based on the international standard ISO 17885.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contain no toxic additives.
  • Compliant with all applicable international standards.
  • Suitable for use with high, medium or low density polyethylene pipes (PE40, PE50, PE80, PE100).
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 80 °C.
  • Designed for nominal pressure ratings:
    • 16 Atm (PN16) at 20 °C to Ø63
    • 10 Atm (PN10) at 20 °C from Ø75
  • Suitable for a range of applications including:
    • Drinking water systems.
    • irrigation systems (gardening and agriculture).
    • Canalization for alimentary fluids (wine, beer, beverage).
    • Wastewater treatment.
    • Swimming pools (with fresh or sea water).


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