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100mm Land Drain Coil Connector
  • 100mm Land Drain Coil Connector

100mm Land Drain Coil Connector

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Product Details

This 100mm land drainage coil connector is designed to connect 100mm single wall pipe/land drainage coil (60, 80 & 160mm connectors also available here).

Land drain, often known as French Drain, is the name given to flexible coiled pipes which are laid underground to alleviate excess surface water. They are corrugated and come in either perforated or unperforated lengths. Land drain coils are available from JDP in sizes varying from 60mm-160mm in 25m, 50m or 100m lengths.

Customer Advice: When installing land drain, the trench you dig needs to be wider than the diameter of the pipe and MUST be at least 450mm deep. This is important if you are planning on aerating your lawn - the pipe must be deep enough so it's not damaged by spiking or other maintenance - Check out our Basic Guide to Land Drain for more advice and information. 


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