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110mm perforated twinwall pipe
  • 110mm perforated twinwall pipe
  • 110mm twinwall comes with coupler
  • Use orange 110mm sewer fittings for connections

110mm Perforated Twinwall Pipe (6m)

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Product Details

Available in 6m lengths, 94/110mm (ID/OD), perforated single socket twinwall pipe. For use with 110mm fittings to collect and distribute surface water to a suitable collection point. This diameter pipe is typically used in agriculture for field drainage.

This product is not for foul sewers; for slotted perforated pipe for septic tank or sewage treatment plant drainage fields, please see 110mm perforated sewer drainage pipe.


  • 110mm twinwall comes with a pre-fitted coupler attached to the pipe.
  • Use standard 110mm sewer fittings for extending the system.
  • This pipe is rigid, and not flexible.
  • Manufactured from HDPE.
  • 90 dwells per metre.
  • 4 perforation slots per dwell (approx. 20mm x 3mm).


  • Easy to handle and weighs less than 6% of the equivalent size of concrete pipe.
  • Quick to install, reducing plant and labour costs.
  • Twin extrusion process means pipe is strong with a corrugated outer wall and smooth inner wall, assisting hydraulic flow.
  • Design prevents silt accumulation.
  • Pipes can be cut easily on site using conventional hand tools but should be cut square between corrugations.  
  • Suitable for use on almost all soil conditions.
  • JDP can offer a full range of fittings and accessories with our Fabrication team manufacturing fittings in house.

Half perforated pipe is also available upon request.

For this type of twinwall, standard orange 110mm drainage fittings and junctions are used to create a system.

Type: Perforated
Inside Diameter (ID): 94mm
Outside Diameter (OD): 110mm
Length: 6 metres
Dwells: 90/90 per metre

Within 3 Working Days