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1,300 litre Atlas Bunded Fuel Depot.
  • 1,300 litre Atlas Bunded Fuel Depot.

1,300 litre Atlas Bunded Diesel Storage Dispensing Tank (Fuel Depot)

5 - 7 working days
5 - 7 working days
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£1,492.75 ex. VAT

Product Details


Tank Type: Bunded
Tank Shape: Horizontal
Capacity: 1,300 litres (285 gallons)
Standard Pump: 230v (56 litre/min)
Length: 1800mm
Width: 1300mm
Height: 1900mm
Footprint: 1500mm x 1240mm (length x width)
Weight: 190kg
Guarantee: 10 Years

This 1,300 litre Atlas Bunded Diesel Storage Dispensing Tank (Fuel Depot) is suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel or biodiesel. Its bunded design, consisting of one tank placed inside the other, provides a safety net against any potential spillages. Should a spillage occur from the inner tank, its contents will be safely and securely stored within the outer tank and therefore avoiding potential pollution incidents that could cause damage to the environment and surroundings.

Please Note: this isn’t suitable for biodiesel at a concentration greater than 7%.

This Atlas Fuel Depot includes:

  • Automatic shut off nozzle
  • 10 micron water & particulate filter
  • Flow Meter
  • Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Monitor
  • 4 metre hose
  • 6” inner lid secured with bar

Additionally, this tank benefits from having an automatic overfill prevention valve - a smart system designed to shut off the fill once the oil reaches 95% of the tanks volume.

Important Notice: All mains powered Atlas Fuel Depots must be connected and maintained by a suitably qualified electrician in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Key features of Atlas Tanks:

  • Manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of OFTEC OFST 100 and EN13341
  • Strong and light with built-in handgrips to make installation easy
  • Well proven and respected design
  • Carefully designed to prevent rainwater from entering
  • Ultra-violet stabilised so the colour will not fade


Please Note: All dimensions are approximate. Capacity litres shown are ‘brim full’. Atlas Bunded Fuel Tanks are guaranteed for 10 years, subject to conditions, but this excludes pumps, lids, Watchman and overfill prevention valve (which have a 12 month warranty) dispensing hoses and nozzles (which have a 3 month warranty). All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

Disclaimer: The guarantee on this product may become invalid if the tank is incorrectly installed, misused (such as for the storage of biodiesel, which contain mixes in excess of 7%), damaged or repaired without the approval of Atlas Tanks. Atlas Tanks should always be installed by a qualified OFTEC approved installer and must be fitted in accordance with OFTEC codes of practice.

5 - 7 working days
Install Type:
Above Ground
Product Type:
1000 - 5000 litres