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150mm (DN) Mission Rubber TWISTEE Sewer Saddle w/Clay Adaptor.
  • 150mm (DN) Mission Rubber TWISTEE Sewer Saddle w/Clay Adaptor.
  • 150mm (DN) Mission Rubber TWISTEE Sewer Saddle w/Clay Adaptor Installation.

150mm (DN) Mission Rubber TWISTEE Sewer Saddle w/Clay Adaptor

1 - 3 working days
1 - 3 working days
£48.20 ex. VAT

Product Details

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Product Type:
 Rubber Drainage Saddle
Model Type: TWISTEE Sewer Saddle with Clay Adaptor
Nominal Diameter: 150mm
Size Range: 170 - 192mm
Main Sewer Dimensions:
Min.Dia: 300mm
                             Min.Wall Thickness: 
                             Core Drill:
 186mm (+/-1)
Material: EPDM Rubber (sleeve)
                 Stainless Steel (bands)
Standards: BS EN 16397: Parts 1 and 2
Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This Mission TWISTEE saddle is designed for connecting to existing clay and concrete sewers. It is suitable for any thick walled main sewer from DN300 and above with a minimum wall thickness of 32mm. It connects directly to any DN150 lateral clay pipe.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Versatile - will connect directly to any clay DN150 lateral pipe
  • Suitable for main sewers from DN300 and above, minimum wall thickness of 32mm
  • Diamond cored hole (186mm) - eliminates damage to existing sewer
  • Cost reducing - no need to order clay/concrete junctions
  • Saves time and money on site - elimination of cement mortar for jointing
  • Durable and dependable - provides a reliable and flexible watertight joint until 0.5 bar
  • WRc ApprovedTM (PT/413/0118)

Missions TWISTEE Boa Strap Wrench (sold separately) is highly recommended for use with this saddle to ensure the best seal between the TWISTEE and its rubber gasket.

Manufacturer’s Notice: The necessary compression of the rubber sleeve can only be guaranteed by a proper positioning of the stainless steel components.

Mission Flexible Drainage Fittings
Mission Rubber (UK) Ltd is part of the worldwide Mission Rubber group of companies who, over 50 years ago, invented the flexible rubber coupling for the sewerage, drainage and plumbing industries. Since then Mission has grown to become the world´s No 1 manufacturer of rubber flexible couplings with manufacturing plants in both America and Europe, and distributors worldwide.

Flexible rubber drainage fittings offer a perfect solution to joining pipes of various materials in drainage, sewerage and plumbing installations. They consist of a rubber body with stainless bands that enable them to compress down uniformly, onto different sizes and types of pipe, to form a reliable, airtight and watertight seal. It is a robust design that is aided, in some couplers, by a centre shear band which provides resistance against heavy earth loads and shear forces, helping to ensure pipe alignment with joint flexibility.

Flexible rubber fittings are ideal for joining plastic drainage pipes to other drainage materials such as clay, concrete, twinwall, stainless steel, cast iron and pitch fibre.

Key Features of Mission Fittings:

  • Unique “Lock In Place” Rubber Profile
    • Made from EPDM rubber
    • Ensures clamps and shear band are properly positioned
    • Remain firmly in place during transit, stocking or installation on site
    • Internal stepped sealing lines achieve a better sealing effect
    • Additional EPDM sealing material can be compressed through sealing lines - giving special advantage for sewer pipes with rough surfaces e.g. concrete pipes
  • TOX - TECHNOLOGY Clinching Process
    • No spot welding of clamps to the shear band- heat created during the welding process burns the stainless steel
    • Eliminates negative aspects associated with spot welding
    • Bond meets or exceeds all relevant tensile strength and shear requirements
    • Incorporated in the shear bands on all Mission couplings

Please Note: All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

1 - 3 working days
Product Type:
Drainage fitting
Install Type: