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Marsh Portapura sewage treatment plant.
  • Marsh Portapura sewage treatment plant.
  • Cross section of Marsh Portapura sewage treatment plant.

2 Person Marsh Portapura Sewage Treatment Plant

7-10 working days
7-10 working days
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£2,420.00 ex. VAT
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Product Details


Inhabitants: Up to 2 people
Length: 2750mm (+/- 50mm)
Width: 980mm (+/- 50mm)
Height: 415mm (+/- 50mm)
Depth to Inlet invert level: 445mm
Depth to Outlet invert level: 270mm
Pipe & Fittings: 110mm

Effluent Quality

BOD5: 14 mg/l
NH4: 0.7 mg/l
SS: 19 mg/l

This Marsh Portapura sewage treatment plant is designed to treat the household wastewater for a property with up to 2 inhabitants. It is a portable, compact, and efficient unit that is ideal for small domestic properties, holiday homes, temporary accommodation, and small commercial developments.

The Portapura can be installed above or below ground and treats domestic wastewater to a level that 25 times better than the recommended EN standard. Its compact design provides quick and easy installation, with minimum impact on the surrounding landscape, and enables simple, safe access for maintenance and cleaning purposes. CE approved to BS EN 12566, the Portapura provides treatment well within national discharge consent requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Portable Design – can be installed above ground and removed/stored when not in use.
  • Easy to install - its compact, lightweight construction means no heavy plant is required, and below ground installations can be completed in approximately 2 hours.
  • Outstanding Treatment Efficiency – with an ammonia level that is 25 times better than the recommended EN standard.
  • Near Silent Air Compressor – ensures minimal running, maintenance, and servicing costs.
  • Energy Efficient - with an electrical consumption rate of 1.8kWh/d, which is equivalent to the daily use of a lightbulb.
  • Versatile - available with a gravity or pumped outlet.
  • Tested and Approved - CEapproved to BSEN 12566.
  • Fire Resistant - tested in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2:210.
  • Structural Integrity - tested in accordance with EN ISO 179-1/1eA.

Operating Principle

The tank utilises a three-chamber design to produce its high-quality effluent. The first chamber is where primary settlement takes place to remove large solids and produce clarified water. This water then filters into a second aeration chamber where aerobic bacteria, supported by diffused air, treats the effluent to remove the dissolved constituents. The third chamber is where final settlement and filtration takes place before the effluent is discharged into a drainage field or local watercourse.


Please Note: All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied. Due to production processes, dimensions of finished units are within a tolerance of +/-2.5%.

7-10 working days
1-4 Persons
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Sewage Treatment Plant