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225mm twinwall Y junction
  • 225mm twinwall Y junction

225mm Twinwall Y Junction

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Product Details

225mm triple socket HDPE twinwall Y junction for creating a 225mm branch (from a main line of 225mm) at a 45dg angle. If installed with 3 sealing rings a watertight system can be achieved.

For use with 225mm JFC twinwall pipe in surface water applications only. May not fit other manufacturer's twinwall products.


BBA or Non-BBA Fittings?
There are few physical differences between BBA and non-BBA fittings. If your project requires BBA fittings, choose BBA Fittings Only from the options box above.

BBA applications are usually commercial projects for highways and access roads. If your project is domestic or agricultural, or doesn't state BBA is required, non-BBA fittings can be used.

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