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SLA Barrier Pipe cut away showing aluminium layer.
  • SLA Barrier Pipe cut away showing aluminium layer.
  • A coil of 25mm SLA barrier pipe

25mm SLA Barrier Pipe Coil (50m)

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Product Details

50m coil of 25mm SLA Barrier Pipe, used for safely transporting potable water through contaminated land. Actual outside diameter is 26.2 - 27.4mm.

Use with pushfit SLA Barrier Pipe fittings. Working pressure of up to 16 bar (tested to 24 bar in test conditions) with water temperatures up to 20°C.

  • Easy installation with pushfit fittings with no need for additional wrapping
  • Allows for safe water distribution in areas with contaminated ground
  • Inner black PE layer easily identifies any damaged pipe during install
  • Middle layer of aluminium prevents contaminants from entering water supply
  • Outer blue PE layer provides strong protection and easy idenfitication
  • WIS 4-39-19 approved (only use pushfit SLA Barrier Pipe fittings)

This Type A barrier pipe has multiple layers; an inner core of 25mm black PE100, a middle layer of spirally wrapped double-bonded aluminium, and an outer core of blue PE100 with brown identification stripes. The aluminium layer helps prevent ingress of heavy metals, inorganic substances and hydrocarbons that may be present in the ground into drinking water supplies.

Gunmetal and electrofusion fittings may be used with 25mm barrier pipe, however pushfit fittings are recommended. Contact JDP for more information.

WIS 4-39-19 approved.
WRAS approved.
DWI Regulation 31 approved.
BS EN 12201.
Independent chemical and mechanical testing performed by KIWA.