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26,000 litre Clearwater Large Septic Tank.

26,000 litre 160 Person Large Clearwater Septic Tank

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Capacity: 26,000 litre (4,840 Gallons)
Max inhabitants: 160 persons
Length: 5837mm
Width: 2820mm
Height: 3028mm
Dimension to first neck: 1770mm
Dimension between two necks: 2296mm
Weight: 1136kg
Invert: Available in 1mtr and 1.5mtr
Inlet/outlet diameter: 160mm* PVCu

Septic tanks are traditional, single chamber solutions for domestic sewage disposal, they are ideal for situations where access to mains sewer is not possible or practical.

Key Features of Clearwater Septic Tanks include:

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Reduced excavation costs
  • Requires less soil disposal and less backfill
  • Made from GRP making it strong and durable
  • Light, watertight and chemically resistant
  • Robust and weatherproof

In this 26,000 litre Clearwater Large Septic Tank, the sewage is collected and retained, allowing it over time to be anaerobically digested, breaking the solids down into sludge. The excess effluent liquid then flows from the tank, via the outlet, and into a suitable drainage field system. Take a look at our article on ‘How to size a septic drainage field’ for more information on this.

Installation requirements are dependent on the specific site conditions, however, this tank will require a suitable concrete base and surround to be cast on site and a concrete cover slab to suit. See the installation guide provided with the tank for more details.


Please note: max inhabitants is indicative usage of 150 litres/per person/per day.

Please noteall images are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

*available in larger sizes upon request

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25+ Persons
Install Type:
Large Capacity
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Septic Tank

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