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300mm dia WREKiN Polypropylene PPIC Access Cover.
  • 300mm dia WREKiN Polypropylene PPIC Access Cover.

300mm WREKiN Polypropylene PPIC Round Manhole Cover (A15)

12-14 weeks
12-14 weeks
£14.86 ex. VAT

Product Details

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Material: Polypropylene
Type: Light Duty/PPIC
Clear Opening: 300mm dia
Frame Depth: 40mm
British Standard Class: A15

This WREKiN A15 Light Duty Access Cover is designed to be located on top of PPIC chambers to suit domestic light duty access in locations of pedestrian and pedal cycle traffic only. Manufactured from polypropylene (cover & frame), it is a strong and durable cover with a single seal labyrinth arrangement.

Key Features

  • For use in a Group 1 Class A15 environment
  • Incorporates a single seal labyrinth arrangement to help prevent odour escapes and water ingress

Access covers can be safety critical and, in certain circumstances, failure or misuse could lead to injury or loss of life. With this in mind WREKiN have designed this cover to incorporate features that help eliminate failure mechanisms, minimise safety issues and optimise the installed life cost.

Ideally suited for use in pedestrian areas such as:

  • Gardens
  • Domestic Footpaths
  • Domestic Driveways

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12-14 weeks
Nominal Size:
Frame Depth: