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GRAF Stone 2in1 Water Butt - Lava.
  • GRAF Stone 2in1 Water Butt - Lava.
  • GRAF Stone 2in1 Water Butt - Silver.

350 litre GRAF Stone 2in1 Water Butt



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Product Details


Product Type: Water Butt
Model Type: Stone 2in1
Capacity: 350 litres
Top Diameter: 620mm
Bottom Diameter: 500mm
Height: 1500mm
Tank Weight: 15kg

This 350 litre Stone 2in1 water butt from GRAF is a modern rainwater harvesting tank with a dual function. This deluxe model offers both a high storage volume with a small footprint, and an extra decorative touch in the form of an integrated planter. This 200mm deep plant cup at the top of the tank helps to elevate it above conventional water butts and become an eye-catching decoration for the garden.

The tank is UV-stable and weather resistant and comes with a threaded connection for a tap. This model is available with or without a designer chrome tap (but the later is recommended to complete the stylish look) and in a choice of two colours.

Stylish Water Butt Colour Options:

  • Silver
  • Lava

To connect this water butt to a downpipe, check out GRAF's range of connection accessories here.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Modern design in natural colours
  • High-quality and smooth natural stone look
  • 2 functions: rainwater storage and decoration
  • Features an integrated plant cup
  • Comes with two high quality brass threads
  • Water can be extracted via a tap or alternatively with a universal hose kit (sold separately)
  • Easy to empty before the frost sets in

GRAF offers premium quality rainwater harvesting products. Their range of water butts are designed for a long life, made from special materials that ensure a long-lasting attractive appearance. The tank material is also 100% recyclable and is therefore good for the environment. GRAF rainwater tanks are supplied together with suitable assembly accessories.

Manufacturers Advice: To prevent long-term damage from frost, tanks installed above ground should always be drained in the winter. Almost all GRAF rainwater tanks have a connection opening at the height of the tank base to fully empty the tank in winter.

Mains water is an expensive commodity, and using it to water the garden can be very costly. Rainwater harvesting however, is the perfect solution to this as it allows you to collect rainwater via your guttering system, filter it and then store it ready for use as required. Using this stored rainwater to water the garden costs nothing and therefore can instantly securing savings on your water bill. GRAF offers a range of stylish water butts for above ground rainwater storage which are both kind on your purse and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Aside from the cost savings, when it comes to plants, there is no better water than rainwater. It’s clean, soft, and freely falls from the sky on a regular basis. It’s much better than tap water and groundwater, which are cold and often hard. Rainwater tanks are therefore becoming an increasingly common feature in gardens. A special filter, which filters the precious resources and prevents the tank from overflowing, makes the ideal connection to the downpipe.

 Key Features of GRAF Water Butts:

  • 100 % RECYCLABLE - The tank material is 100% recyclable. We attach great importance to durable product design, right from the product development stage. Manufacture is carried out using state-of-the-art production facilities, which ensures that the environmental impact is minimised in the long run.
  • CHILD-PROOF - With their closed tank shapes or integrated covers, Graf decorative tanks are childproof.
  • INCLUDES MOUNTING ACCESSORIES - Each tank is supplied together with suitable assembly accessories. These may include an inlet seal, a plant mat for plantable tanks, and wind protection for tanks installed against walls.
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT - A rainwater tank is exposed to weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations. Materials adapted to these conditions ensure a long-lasting attractive appearance.
  • THREADED CONNECTION - A standard 19 mm (¾") thread connection makes a tap easy to install without drilling. Using a tap or the GRAF Universal Hose Kit, water extraction couldn't be easier.

Please Note:  All dimensions are approximate (the manufacturer reserve a tolerance of +/- 3%) and the useful volume of the tanks may be up to 10% lower than the tank capacity, according to the connecting option. All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.


10-14 working days
Install Type:
Above Ground
Product Type:
Water Butt
350 litres