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500mm Black PE100 SDR17 Non-Potable Water Pipe Length.
  • 500mm Black PE100 SDR17 Non-Potable Water Pipe Length.

500mm Black PE100 SDR17 Non-Potable Water Pipe Length



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Product Details

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Product Type: Mains Supply Pipe
Application Type: Non-Potable Water
Size (OD): 500mm 
Nominal Bore: 438.9mm
Wall Thickness: 30.6mm
Pipe Length: 6 mtrs or 12 mtrs
Material: High DensityPolyethylene (HDPE)
Material Strength: PE100
Minimum Required Strength (MRS): 10.0MPa (Megapascal)
Standard Dimension Ratio: SDR17
Pressure Nominal: PN16
Water Pressure Resistance: 16 bar
Standards: EN 12201
Approx. Weight (p/mtr): 44.29kg 

This 500mm Non-Potable Water Black mains pipe is manufactured from virgin, solid wall PE100 (HDPE) material, making it ideal for non-potable water applications. This highly versatile product is suitable for almost any non-potable water application, as well as above ground potable water distribution networks.

Important Note: Please check with your local water authority before using for any potable drinking water application, as blue HDPE may be required.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • 16 bar maximum operating pressure
  • SDR17 rated (thinner wall thickness than SDR11)
  • Tough black PE100 HDPE material
  • Compatible with a range of 500mm push-fit fittings from JDP
  • Available in 6m & 12m lengths (sticks)

Manufacturer’s Notice:Straight PE sticks are available in PE100 (HDPE) and PE80 (MDPE) which can be joined either by electrofusion, butt fusion, compression or push-fit fittings.

This type of pipe is typically used for pumped and gravity sewer systems, bulk water transfer and raw water extraction, as it offers flexibility with high operating pressure capabilities. It can also be suitable for hydroelectricity schemes, geothermal pipework, irrigation, aquaculture, marine outfalls and many other projects.

Peak Pipe Systems Polyethylene 

Peak Pipe Systems are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of high quality polyethylene pipe and utility pipe; tested, accredited and approved against key industry standards.

All of their standard products are produced using high grade virgin PE100 & PE80 polymer, both high-density and medium-density polyethylene grades with exceptional pressure ratings and durability.

Key Features of Polyethylene Pipe:

  • High flexibility and lightweight
  • Low friction and high flow rate
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Can be installed quickly and consistently in cold and warm weather.
  • Suitable for various installation methods
  • Cost saving in transportation and installation
  • Specifically design to least a targeted 100 years in operation
  • Material properties outperform metallic alternatives and minimise costly maintenance and rehabilitation processes.

Polyethylene has the ability to expand and contract with continuous fluctuating operating system pressures, this continual flexibility whilst maintaining structural strength means the network remains leak free and suitable for continual use in a variety of ground conditions.


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Product Type:
Black PE100
Install Type:
Non-potable water
Nominal Size:
Pressure Rating: