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600mm x 600mm WREKiN Galvanised 2.5tn Solid Top D/S Manhole Cover & Frame.
  • 600mm x 600mm WREKiN Galvanised 2.5tn Solid Top D/S Manhole Cover & Frame.

600mm x 600mm Galvanised 2.5tn Solid Top Double Seal WREKiN Manhole Cover & Frame

12-14 weeks
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Material: Pressed Galvanised Mild Steel
Type: Solid top/Double Seal/Steel Frame
Clear Opening: 600 x 600mm
Overall Size: 645 x 645mm
Cover Depth: 25mm
Load Duty: Pedestrian
GLVW*: 2.5tn
Lifting Provision: Handle (no specialist tools required)
FACTA Class (Comparative): A

This WREKiN 600mm x 600mm Double Seal Manhole Cover is made from pressed galvanised mild steel and manufactured to sit inside a steel frame. Its notchelss die-drawn corner design gives it the following benefits:

  • No sharp exposed edges
  • No cut exposed edges
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Continuous surface seal
  • Helps prevent water ingress and odours

The double seal is achieved by a unique captive ‘O’ ring gasket under lateral compression in a specially designed lipped channel enhanced by the continuous surface of the cover at the corners. A second seal is achieved with an additional neoprene gasket vertically compressed in a channel. This double seal provides an enhanced level of resistance to gaseous and/or liquid ingress and/or egress under normal atmospheric pressure.

Intended for internal and external areas that are only used by pedestrians or bicycles, this cover is suitable for applications where the Gross Laden Vehicle Weight (GLVW) will Not exceed 2.5 tonnes such as:

  • toilets
  • changing rooms
  • footpaths
  • cycle tracks

Its specially designed “labyrinth” surface pattern works to reduce water pooling, increasing safety and reducing the risk of slipping, whilst its reliable surface seal minimises water ingress and reduces the odours that can escape from the manhole cover.

Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, this Wrekin manhole cover and frame is FACTA class A.

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*Gross Laden Vehicle Weight
**Slow Moving Wheel Load

12-14 weeks