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600x1500mm 421 Litre 6m Head Nene Pump Chamber - Foul Water.
  • 600x1500mm 421 Litre 6m Head Nene Pump Chamber - Foul Water.

600x1500mm 421 Litre 6m Head Nene Pump Chamber - Foul Water

3-4 weeks
3-4 weeks
£594.26 ex. VAT

Product Details

This item is supplied to order and additional refund & returns terms apply.


Tank Size: 600mm x 1500mm
Pipework Size: 2" PVC
Outlet Size: 63mm
Chamber Material: GRP
Access Cover: 450mm Pedestrian Duty
Sump Capacity: 421 Litres
Solid Handling: 50mm
Max Head Discharge: 6m Max
Litres Per Minute: 120 
Power: 0.32 KW
Impeller Type: Vortex
Cable Length: 10m
Installation: Below Ground
Single/Twin Pump: Single Pump
Float Switches: Integral Float Switch
Control Panel: No

This 600 x 1500mm 421litre Marsh WellWater:Nene pump chamber is an economical, efficient and fully accredited solution that is designed to meet the needs of contractors, builders and ground workers who prefer to shop online.

Pump chambers are designed to enable the movement of wastewater from a property to the mains sewer, or through an off-mains sewage treatment system, in areas where gravity flow is impractical. This Foul Water model has larger diameter outlets designed to handle untreated wastewater and are therefore intended for installation ahead of a sewage treatment plant/septic tank, or for pumping waste to the mains sewage system.

Why specify a Marsh WellWater pump chamber?

  • When discharge to mains sewer is required, but to do so by gravity is impractical, a Marsh WellWater pump chamber will be needed
  • Designed to BSEN12050, BSEN752 and BSEN752-6
  • Smooth internal walls improves pump efficiency and eliminates ‘dead spots’ which can lead to odours and septicity
  • Pre-assembled pipework for fully automatic operation

Marsh Pump Chambers

Marsh Industries has designed a range of high-performance pump chamber solutions that are cost-effective and accredited to British Standards and European Norm’s; BSEN12050 for structural strength and watertightness as well as BSEN752 to comply with hydrostatic and electrical requirements, and BSEN752-6 for drain and sewer systems in outside buildings.

This unique range ensures that there is no risk in product quality and selection, allowing specifiers and end-users to buy online with confidence in the knowledge that the Marsh Wellwater:Nene provides guaranteed performance with industry compliance.

Marsh uses market-leading submersible pumps throughout its WellWater range of pump chambers to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency with minimal clogging or wear.


The Marsh WellWater range of pump stations are suitable for water and wastewater treatment, effluent and sewage discharge in domestic, commercial and industrial sites:

  • Agricultural water and wastewater
  • Biofuel systems
  • Commercial buildings
  • Domestic buildings
  • Food processing
  • Industrial boilers
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wastewater transport
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water distribution
  • Water intake
  • Water treatment

General guidance

Where foul water drainage from a domestic property is to be pumped to mains the effluent receiving chamber should be sized to contain 24-hour inflow to allow for disruption in service, the minimum daily discharge being taken as 150 litres per person per day.

For other building types, the capacity of the receiving chamber should be based on the calculated daily demand of the water intake for the building, or when only a proportion of the foul sewage is to be pumped then the capacity should be based pro-rata.

If the sewer is to be ‘adopted’ by a local water authority, please contact Marsh Industries as Sewers for Adoption (SFA) specification and additional local authority related criteria might apply.


Please Note: Tank configuration and components shown for illustration purposes and may differ from the actual product supplied.

3-4 weeks
Product Type:
Pump chamber
Install Type:
Foul water
Nominal Size:
421 litres