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60mm Perforated Land Drain.
  • 60mm Perforated Land Drain.
  • Coil of 60mm land drain.

60mm Perforated Land Drainage Pipe (150m Coil)

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Colour: Black
Type: Perforated
Nominal Size: 60mm
Minimum Internal Diameter: 50mm
Nominal External Diameter: 60mm
Coil Length: 150m
Weight: 0.18kg/m (27kg total)
Slotted Dwells: 130 per meter with 2 slots per dwell
Perforation Width: 1.2mm
Perforation Length: 10mm
Permeable Area: 3120mm2/m
Minimum Ring Stiffness: >2.00kN/m2

This 150m coil of black 60mm perforated land drain is a single wall, corrugated pipe manufactured from high-density polyethylene intended to allow fast and easy installation and excellent water flow.

Perforated land drainage is designed to collect surface water through small holes cut in the dwells of the coil. In agriculture, this assists drainage in fields and improves soil quality. In construction, it alleviates flooding and relieves static load on underground structures and retaining walls.

Perforated land drain is also useful in Sports Fields, Lawn & Garden drainage (in smaller diameters), and can also feature in French Drains to improve drainage.

Customer Advice: When installing land drain, the trench you dig needs to be wider than the diameter of the pipe and MUST be at least 450mm deep. This is important if you are planning on aerating your lawn - the pipe must be deep enough so it's not damaged by spiking or other maintenance - Check out our Basic Guide to Land Drain for more advice and information.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from HDPE
  • Perforated - 2 slots per dwell
  • Corrugated - for extra strength
  • Flexible coil structure - 90 degree bend radius over 1m
  • Cost effective solution for most projects
  • Non-kite marked
  • Made in accordance with BS4962:1989


Please note: This pipe is not suitable for use as a dispersal drain for septic tanks. Actual slot length of perforations can exceed the design value by up to 50%. All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

Manufacturer's Advice: Long term storage outside can result in damage to the product by UV degradation. Storage longer than 12 months is therefore not recommended.

5-7 working days
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