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750mm x 600mm Galvanised 10tn GLVW WREKiN 60mm Recessed Block Paving Cover.
  • 750mm x 600mm Galvanised 10tn GLVW WREKiN 60mm Recessed Block Paving Cover.

750mm x 600mm Galvanised 10tn GLVW WREKiN Recessed 60mm Block Paving Cover

12-14 weeks
12-14 weeks
£127.74 ex. VAT

Product Details

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Material: Galvanised Mild Steel
Type: Recessed/Block Paving
Clear Opening: 750 x 600mm
Overall Size: 790 x 750mm
Tray Depth: 80mm (for 60mm blocks)
Overall Frame Depth: 85mm
Load Duty: Light/Medium
GLVW*: 10tn
SMWL**: 2.5tn (pneumatic)/0.5tn (solid)
FACTA Class (Comparative): AAA

This WREKiN Galvanised Block Paving Manhole Cover has an 80mm recessed tray depth to fit block paving of 60mm. It is ideal for use where it is desirable to have continuity of surface finish or pattern It has a 10 tonne gross laden vehicle weight, is FACTA AAA rated and able to take pneumatic SMWL loads of 2.5 tonnes.

It is suitable for use with light to medium duty applications such as:

  • Service Areas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Light Industrial Areas.
  • Internal Rooms
  • Tiled Floors
  • Patios
  • Playgrounds

Both the cover and the frame are manufactured from galvanised mild steel to BS EN ISO 1461 and reliably accept bedding mortar for a more stable and durable finished product. As standard, the lifting keyways are reinforced on these covers to help prevent any distortion that might otherwise occur during lifting.

Customer Notice: The weight loading capabilities given are given under the assumption that the recess will be correctly filled with appropriate materials to the correct level.

Key features of this Recessed Access Cover:

  • Manufactured from strong and highly durable mild steel
  • Steel frames have superior adherence to bedding mortar than plastic frames
  • Reinforced lifting keyways to help avoid distortion when lifting
  • Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Keyway protectors as standard to help prevent debris ingress
  • FACTA class AAA.


Please Note: All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

*Gross Laden Vehicle Weight
**Slow Moving Wheel Load

12-14 weeks