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Manhole Access Rectangular Concrete Cover Slab.
  • Manhole Access Rectangular Concrete Cover Slab.

900 x 600mm Rectangular Concrete Cover Slab - Heavy Duty


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Product Details


Product Type: Rectangular Inspection Chamber Cover Slab 
Model Type: Heavy Duty
Manhole Access: 900x600mm
External Dimensions: 1380x930mm 
Cover Depth: 90mm
Approx Weight: 235kg (940kg per pack)
Available Pack Sizes: 4’s only

This Heavy Duty Rectangular Concrete Cover Slab, with a 900x600mm manhole opening, is designed to complete the construction of a Rectangular Inspection Chamber.

Manufactured with a tongue and groove joint, this section can be easily and securely stacked on top of compatible chamber sections and sealed with either bituminous or butyl compounds.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Easy to handle and quick to build
  • Tongue and groove joint for stacking
  • Traditionally used in favour of brick-built chambers.
  • Concrete sections to take dug out material or concrete backfill
  • Manufactured to BS EN 1917:2002 / BS 5911-4:2002

Customer Notice: Rectangular cover slabs are sold in packs and cannot be split: 600x600x90mm & 600x600x150mm=5's, 900x600x90mm & 1200x675x125mm = 4's. 

These units comply with the recommendations in the Water Services Association publication Sewers for Adoption, where the manhole from ground level to the pipes soffit/obvert (highest point of a pipes internal surface) is less than 1.50m in light or main road situations.

Intended for use with 1200x750mm Rectangular Inspection Chamber sections, which are available in either 150mm or 225mm depths.

CPM's Rectangular Inspection Chambers have a tongue and groove joint and are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN1917/BS5911-3.

Manufacturer’s Advice: For rectangular manholes use 12mm x 60mm sealant (4.2m).

 Key Features of CPM Concrete Products:

  • Quality - Precast concrete drainage products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant BS EN 1916/7, BS EN 5911 and CE marked where applicable. Goods are certified by Quality Assessment under the Kitemark Scheme and ISO 9001:2015.
  • Sustainability - Concrete pipeline systems are one of the most sustainable options available, they are manufactured from responsibly sourced materials, and can be made using recycled aggregates and cement replacements.
  • Proven Strength - They have a proven life of over 120 years, in normal groundwater conditions, are not weakened by fire or moisture and do not lose their shape. They are resistant to DC4 and impacts such as jetting, so blockages can be cleared easily.
  • Installed Cost Savings - Precast concrete pipes are rigid structural elements that do not always require a full granular surround, saving time in bedding and compaction. Excavated material can be reused and imported granular material can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Durability - Due to the inherent strength and durability of the Marshalls CPM precast concrete products, they are highly abrasion and corrosion resistant and don't lose strength over time.
  • Design Flexibility - Precast concrete drainage products can be used for a number of purposes, including sewerage and sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) applications such as stormwater attenuation and storage.
  • Water Tightness - Concrete pipes and manholes are designed to be watertight and are tested to pressure levels equivalent to a 5 metre head of water.
  • Fire Resistant - Concrete is naturally fire resistant. 

Please Note: 
All dimensions and weights are approximate as concrete product dimensions can have slight variations due to their manufacturing process. Customers should ensure that lifting equipment has sufficient capacity to allow for variations. All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied. 

16-20 working days
Product Type:
Inspection Chamber
Marshalls CPM
Nominal Size: