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Densleeve Right Handed Oblique (45dg) Clay Channel Butt Junction.
  • Densleeve Right Handed Oblique (45dg) Clay Channel Butt Junction.

Densleeve Right Hand 45dg Clay Channel Butt Junction

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Product Details


Product Type: Clay Channel Junction
Model Type: Right Hand Butt
Angle of Junction: 45 Degrees (Oblique) 
Nominal Diameter Main: 100, 150 & 225mm
Nominal Diameter Branch: Various (see below for available sizes)

This vitrified clay, right handed, oblique channel butt pipe junction is designed to create a 45 degree branch from a clay pipeline. Used in the construction of manholes or open channel surface water drains, this clay fitting is manufactured in accordance with BS EN295-1 or BS65.

Available Sizes: (Please ensure to select the correct option before purchase)

  • 100mm x 100mm (to create a DN 100mm branch from a DN 100mm pipline)
  • 150mm x 100mm (to create a DN 100mm branch from a DN 150mm pipline)
  • 150mm x 150mm (to create a DN 150mm branch from a DN 150mm pipline)
  • 225mm x 100mm (to create a DN 100mm branch from a DN 225mm pipline)
  • 225mm x 150mm (to create a DN 150mm branch from a DN 225mm pipline)
  • 225mm x 225mm (to create a DN 225mm branch from a DN 225mm pipline)

Left and Right Handed Fittings 
It is important to choose the correct 'hand' when selecting channel fittings. This can be determined by looking upstream against the flow. A channel is a LEFT HAND fitting when viewed from the spigot towards socket (ie. Against the direction of flow), the socket projects to the LEFT. Similarly when the socket projects to the RIGHT the channel is a RIGHT HAND fitting

All Channel Pipes and Fittings, with the exception of the ¾ section branch bends used for manhole construction, are cut from standard Densleeve pipes.

Naylor Densleeve Pipes

The Naylor Densleeve range offers a full system of plain-end, vitrified clay pipes and fittings, with flexible sleeve couplings. It was developed for building drainage and associated sewerage systems and all products are manufactured to comply with the stringent requirements of BS EN295.

Key Features of the Naylor Densleeve System:

  • Aggressive Environments - The standard Densleeve pipes, polypropylene couplings and elastomeric sealing rings are resistant to attack from substances which are commonly encountered in sewers.
  • Clayware - standard lengths of pipe allow for flexible joints at sufficiently frequent intervals to enable the pipeline to withstand settlement or other ground movement after installation.
  • Sleeve Couplings - Manufactured in high impact polypropylene with elastomeric seals providing watertight, flexible mechanical joint assemblies, complying with BS EN295-1: System G.
  • Standard Coupling Seals - manufactured from elastomers conforming to the performance requirements of BS EN681-1. (Nitrile seals available for use in contaminated ground).
  • Joint Performance - joint assemblies meet all the requirements of BS EN295-1. They accept angular deflection and shear resistance without leakage, when tested under an internal or external water pressure of 50kPa (5 metres head).
  • Structural Performance - Densleeve pipes can usually be laid directly on a hand trimmed natural trench bottom with selected, excavated materials (Class D Bedding) used as backfill.
  • Crushing Strengths - Naylor has standardised the strength of their pipes to meet the requirements of BS EN295-1 and simplify selection.
  • Full Range - A full system is offered from DN100 to DN300 with an extensive range of fittings, including bends, junctions, tapers and access items, particularly suitable for building drainage applications.
  • Water Jetting - The Densleeve system, when installed in general accordance with the Naylor Sitework Instructions Booklet, is guaranteed for the lifetime of the system against penetration of the pipe wall caused by high pressure water jetting when operated within the following maximum parameters.
    • Pressure - 7500psi (510 bar)
    • Flow rate - 20gals/min (1.5ltrs/sec)
    • Time - Static for 5 minutes

Manufacturer's Notice: The pipe and fittings specifications detailed are standard at the time of publication but may vary due to changes in manufacturing facilities.

Please Note: All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

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Product Type:
Clay junction
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Nominal Size:
Nominal Size: