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Drainage Non-Return Flap Valve
  • Drainage Non-Return Flap Valve

Drainage Non-Return Flap Valve

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Product Details

110/160mm drainage flap valve used for anti flooding purposes and rodent prevention. To be installed at the end of 110/160mm drainage pipe, leading stormwater to ditches or existing watercourses.

Features and Benefits

  • They are designed to protect rooms of lower levels of properties from flooding caused by stormwater and sewage by preventing back flow.
  • This product will also help prevent your home from rodents entering the property through sewage and other sanitary systems.
  • Fully self activating.
  • Manufactured by JDP from ULTRA3 pipework and high quality polypropylene, which is resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.
  • Fully recyclable.
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40 units