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FILCOTEN light NW100 Sump Unit.
  • FILCOTEN light NW100 Sump Unit.

FILCOTEN light NW100 Sump Unit

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Product Details


Application Type: Domestic/Commercial Channel Drain
Product Type:
Sump Unit
Brand: BG-FILCOTEN light
Nominal Width: 100mm
Length: 500mm
Width: 126mm
Depth: 500mm
Weight: 25.1kg
Material: HPC (High Performance Concrete)
Colour: Grey
Load Rating: up to Class C250

This FILCOTEN light Sump Unit is an accessory to the FILCOTEN light Channel Drain range. Also known as a trash box, the sump unit fits into the channel drain system and includes a DN 100 pipe coupling than enables connection to a sewer drainage pipe. It also comes with an integrated plastic silt bucket and is load bearing up to class C250, making it ideal for home and garden/landscape applications.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the drainage system.
  • Sealed pipe connection.
  • Length 500 mm.

This sump unit is compatible with the following grating options:

  • FILCOTEN light Slotted Grating - NW 100, 1000/124/2, SW 8/80, cl. A 15 kN, galvanized (light)
  • FILCOTEN light Mesh Grating - NW 100, 1000/124/2, MW 30/10, cl. B 125 kN, galvanized (light)
  • FILCOTEN light Ductile Iron Mesh Grating - NW 100, 500/124/5, MW 15/25, cl. C 250 kN incl. fixing clip (light)

BG-FILCOTEN Channel Drain Systems

BG-FILCOTEN channel drain systems demonstrate impressively how you can have maximum stability without sacrificing low weight. This is because FILCOTEN HPC makes possible an innovative lightweight construction that affords numerous advantages such as easy handling and resource saving transport. They are also extremely durable thanks to tremendous stability and robustness, which conserves resources, ultimately benefiting your budget.

FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete) is a material, that unites outstanding technical properties with ecological sustainability. The optimized high-density structure of HPC makes it possible to construct highly stable lightweight drainage channels.

Features & benefits

  • Lightweight construction.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Maximum robustness.
  • High pressure resistance - exceeding the requirements per EN 1433 for concrete channels.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and UV light.
  • Non-combustible building material – Class A1.
  • Ideal expansion coefficient, identical to that of the surrounding concrete.
  • Smooth channel surface for high drainage performance and optimal self-cleaning effect.
  • Sustainable production - manufactured using 100% green electricity.

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Within 3 Working Days
Product Type:
Install Type:
Sump Unit