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Klargester Header Tank.
  • Klargester Header Tank.

Klargester Header Tank for Rainwater Harvesters

10-14 working days
10-14 working days
£266.06 ex. VAT

Product Details

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This Klargester Header Tank is available as a recommended optional extra for all Gravity Fed Rainwater Harvesting Systems. It consists of a weir, which provides the mandatory air gap, and ballcock and float valve, which allows the system to switch over to mains automatically when the rainwater level drops too low.

 Klargester Optional Header Tank Diagram

Gravity Feed Rainwater Harvesting Systems

In gravity fed systems, the rainwater is pumped up to an elevated header tank, stored and then gravity fed to the serviced appliances on demand. Benefits of these systems include:

  • Energy efficient – requiring water to be pumped from the underground tank less often.
  • Cost effective – reducing water consumption and therefore water bills.
  • Guaranteed water supply – utilising independent mains & rainwater vales in the header tank to automatically switch to mains water if needed.


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10-14 working days