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Lamb Teat.
  • Lamb Teat.

Lamb Teat



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Product Details

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Application Type: Farming & Agriculture
Product Type: Lamb Teat
Brand: JFC
Colour: Blue
Suitable For: Sheep

This replacement lamb teat is manufactured from natural rubber that has a soft texture but is sufficiently durable to last a complete lambing season. There are openings on each side that help the lamb to correctly place the teat in its mouth, thereby reducing leakage, and encourage a natural sucking action for optimum milk delivery. The pull-through teat can be used on any feeder with a 22mm diameter opening.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Fits a 22mm hole.
  • Openings on each side.
  • Soft, but durable enough to last lambing season.
  • Pull through teat.
  • Removed and replaced quickly and with ease.

JFC Teat Feeders

JFC are an international business renowned for manufacturing innovative, high-quality plastic products. Since their formation is 1987, their innovative agricultural products have assisted farmers in working more efficiently saving them time and money. They work closely with farmers to ensure the quality of their products, which are extensively tested on local and international farms before launch.

Their range of Teat Feeders offer an efficient way of supplying milk to several calves at once. Each feeder is fitted with either an inverted or non-return valve teat to deliver milk by gravity feed. The teats encourage the natural sucking action allowing milk to be delivered to the animal at an optimum rate.

Features & benefits

  • Encourage natural sucking action.
  • Allows milk to be delivered at an optimum rate.
  • Options available for calves and lambs.
  • Versatile mounting arrangements
  • Easy to clean

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