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RAINBOX Core Attenuation & Soakaway Crate.
  • RAINBOX Core Attenuation & Soakaway Crate.
  • RAINBOX Core Attenuation & Soakaway System

RAINBOX Core Attenuation & Soakaway System

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Product Details


Product: RAINBOX® Core Crates/Base Plate
Gross Volume: 225 litres/25 litres
Storage Volume: 217 litres/20 litres
Void Ratio: 96%/95%
Length: 800mm
Width: 800mm
Depth: 350mm/40mm
Weight: 9kg/4kg
Max. Installation Depth: 5 metres
Loading Class (GVW): up to 40 tons

The RAINBOX® Core system is designed for use in landscaped or trafficked areas (with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 40 tons), and can be installed in soakaway (infiltration) or storage (attenuation) applications for surface and storm water management. The system is comprised of base plates, crates and side faces, in various number and configuration depending on the project, with up to 13 layers being possible per base plate.

Product Features and Benefits

  • High storage volume – up to three times that of a standard gravel infiltration ditch.
  • Service life of over 50 years – with a durable product design that ensures sustainability.
  • Up to 96 % storage volume – each crate has a gross volume of 225 litres and a storage volume of 217 litres.
  • Easy to install - the crates fit together simply, at speed and in various ways. They can also be installed without the use of heavy machinery.
  • Straight connection to 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 225mm and 250mm (ID) ULTRA3 pipework (or alternative EN1401-1 / EN 13476-2 pipework). Adaptors for twinwall and other pipe types available from JDP.
  • Installation depth of up to 5 metres - even under very heavy loads, allowing up to 13 layers to be used.
  • Eco-friendly product – creates can be stacked into each other, minimising transport costs, storage space and CO2 emissions.
  • Inspectable & jettable - with a configuration of RAINBOX® Cube crates within the system.

As geocellular crates, RAINBOX® systems act as an underground reservoir to collect water through drainage systems, from storms and persistent rain, to prevent flooding. In areas of development, this function helps to counteract the loss of permeable ground that would have originally soaked up the rainwater naturally. The collected water is then dispersed in one of two ways, depending on whether the crates are installed in an attenuation system or a soakaway system."

Attenuation System
In an attenuation scheme, water is stored within the system, and with flow controls, is slowly released back into a watercourse or sewer system.

Soakaway System
In soakaway schemes, the system is wrapped with a permeable membrane. Water is collected and slowly soaks back in to the ground through an infiltration process.

Minimum and maximum loading depths vary due to application and ground conditions. A structural design check of the system should be performed in line with CIRIA C680 prior to installation, provided free of charge from JDP Technical Support.

JDP offers free consultation and drainage system designs for all foul and surface water drainage management systems. Contact JDP to discuss your requirements. 

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