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Clearwater Kingspan 7150 litre Sigma shallow dig septic tank.
  • Clearwater Kingspan 7150 litre Sigma shallow dig septic tank.
  • Image showing size difference between an onion septic tank and shallow dig septic tank.

7150 Litre 34 Person Clearwater Sigma Shallow Dig Septic Tank

10-14 working days
10-14 working days
£2,637.84 ex. VAT
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Product Details

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Capacity: 7150Ltr
Max inhabitants: 34
Diameter: 1920mm
Length: 3225mm
Invert level: 500mm as standard

Septic tanks are a traditional solution for domestic sewage disposal, they are ideal for situations where access to mains sewer is not possible or practical.

Formed from a single chamber, the sewage from a domestic property/properties is collected and retained in the tank. Time allows it to be anaerobically digested, breaking the solids down into sludge. The excess effluent liquid then flows from the tank, via the outlet, and into a suitable drainage field system.

These Kingspan/Klargester/Clearwater shallow dig Sigma septic tanks are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), strong but light, watertight and also chemically resistant. They are performance tested in accordance with EN-12566 (Part 1) to make sure that they meet installation requirements and that the standards of discharge are as they should be.

When planning your installation, make sure that these systems are installed at least 7 metres away from any sort of dwelling and at least 10 metres away from any watercourse.

Please note: this tank comes complete with A15/pedestrian cover and frame. Max inhabitants is indicative of 150 litres/per person/per day.

Why Shallow Dig?

The shallow dig design of this septic tank can save you money on site! You won’t need to excavate as much as you would with a traditional spherical tank, meaning it usually quicker to install and reduces the chance of ground water issues. It’s a win-win! They're also known as horizontal septic tanks.


10-14 working days
25+ Persons
Install Type:
Shallow Dig
Product Type:
Septic Tank