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Twinwall ring seal
  • Twinwall ring seal

Twinwall Ring Seal

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£1.74 ex. VAT

Product Details

Rubber twinwall ring seal used with twinwall couplers and fittings to create a watertight system. Check the descriptions of twinwall fittings to see how many ring seals you require for each fitting.

For use with JFC twinwall products or JDP manufactured twinwall products in surface water drainage applications only. May not fit other manufacturer's twinwall products.

The seal usually sits between the 2nd and 3rd rib from the end, before a fitting is placed onto the pipe.

Range includes:

- 150mm ring seal (for use with 150mm twinwall couplers)
- 225mm ring seal (for use with 225mm twinwall couplers)
- 300mm ring seal (for use with 300mm twinwall couplers)
- 375mm ring seal (for use with 375mm twinwall couplers)
- 450mm ring seal (for use with 450mm twinwall couplers)
- 600mm ring seal (for use with 600mm twinwall couplers)
- 750mm ring seal (for use with 750mm twinwall pipe)
- 900mm ring seal (for use with 900mm twinwall pipe)

HAPAS BBA approved.