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ULTRA3 Large Diameter Double Socket Coupler.
  • ULTRA3 Large Diameter Double Socket Coupler.
  • ULTRA3 Large Diameter Double Socket Coupler Cross-Section.

ULTRA3 Large Diameter Double Socket Coupler

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Product Details


Standards: Kitemarked to BS EN 1401 (400mm) & CofC to EN1401 (500 & 630mm)
Sizes available: 375/400mm, 475/500mm, 600/630mm (ID/OD)
Material: PVC-U

ULTRA3 double socket coupler for joining large diameter ULTRA3 drainage pipe. Available in three sizes - 375/400mm, 475/500mm & 600/630mm diameters (ID/OD).

For use in both house drainage and adoptable sewers compliant with water authority requirements, and adoptable by most water authorities that allow PVC-U pipework.

This fitting has a centre stop, so it can't be moved along a pipe. If you're repairing underground sewer drainage pipe use an ULTRA3 Large Diameter Double Socket Slip Coupler instead.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality fitting manufactured from PVC-U by DYKA.
  • Easy push-fit installation with standard lubricant.
  • Integral ring seal quickens installation, increases seal quality, reduces delays & air test failure rates.
  • Safe and easy handling on site compared to alternative systems.
  • Suitable for SN8-rated systems when used with ULTRA3 sewer drainage pipe.


ULTRA3 vs Concrete or Clay

ULTRA3 drainage systems offer real benefits over traditional concrete chambers in time, cost, flexibility to site conditions, and in health and safety for operatives on site.

  • Reduced Risks - ULTRA3 drainage pipes come in longer lengths, requiring less joints and in turn reduces the risk of a failed air test. Less chance of breakages on site
  • Safety - ULTRA3 is up to 91% lighter than the equivalent size of clay/concrete pipe, it therefore requires less machinery and becomes a much safer option
  • Consistent - The system is manufactured and kitemarked in sizes 110 - 630mm, there is no need to interchange between other systems
  • Sustainable - Lightweight pipe leads to reduced transport CO2 emissions, costs, time and site traffic. Pipes are manufactured sustainably, contain at least 40% recycled material and have an 85% lower average environmental impact*
  • Connectivity - Direct connection to most plastic chambers without the need for adaptors, including type 3 flexible material chambers in accordance with SfA7, such as AXEDO®
  • Flexibility - Flexible pipe system means less chance of any damage when being installed near to structures such as manholes. No requirement needed for rocker pipes

JDP can provide full structural calculations to ensure the correct and most economical bed and surround are used based on site conditions. Contact us today for more information on how ULTRA3 can work for you.

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