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100mm Geotextile Filter Wrap (30m Roll)

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For Pipe Size: 100mm
Roll Length: 30m
Fitting Style: Manual

This 100mm Geotextile Filter Wrap fabric is specifically designed to prevent unwanted coarse silt and sandy soil from entering and clogging 100mm perforated land drainage pipes. It also acts as a soil stabiliser to help support and maintain the surrounding soil structure.

The seamless knit fabric completely envelopes perforated pipes of all types, including corrugated polyethylene, PVC, steel and aluminium, and can be used in any soil condition for an added level of protection against drainage system failures.

Benefits of Land Drain Geotextile Filter Wrap:

  • Prevents clogging and keeps water flowing
  • Recommended for the protection of all underground drainage systems
  • Particularly suited for use in sandy and silty soil conditions
  • Seamless knit makes installation quick and easy
  • Can replace the need to use additional backfill
  • The most cost-effective way to extend the service life of perforated drain systems

Once installed, the geotextile fabric allows very fine soil particles to pass through and into the perforated pipe to be flushed out with the flow of the water. This leaves behind the larger particles, which then bridge against each other on the outer surface of the fabric, to create void spaces that improve the permeability of the soil. These voids then help to equalise pressure across the filter fabric and provide space for water to pass freely before entering the pipe. This in turn helps to enhance the performance of the drainage system and negates the need for additional granular backfill materials to be added.

Geotextile Filter Wrap fabrics are ideally suited for use in all types of underground drainage systems including:

  • Foundation Drains,
  • Garden and Flowerbed Drains,
  • Landscape Drains,
  • Driveway and Roadway Drains,
  • Sports Field Drains,
  • Agricultural Land Drains

Customer Advice: When installing land drain, the trench you dig needs to be wider than the diameter of the pipe and MUST be at least 450mm deep. This is important if you are planning on aerating your lawn - the pipe must be deep enough so it's not damaged by spiking or other maintenance - Check out our Basic Guide to Land Drain for more advice and information. 


Please note: All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

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