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Sealed Concrete Manhole Ring - Stepped.
  • Sealed Concrete Manhole Ring - Stepped.

1200mm Sealed Concrete Manhole Ring

16-20 working days
16-20 working days
£151.16 ex. VAT

Product Details

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Product Type: Sealed Manhole Chamber Ring  
Model Type: Double Steps
Internal Diameter: 1200mm
 External Diameter: 1460mm 
 Wall Thickness: 130mm 
Chamber Depths Available: 250mm, 500mm, 750mm & 1000mm
 Weights: 330kg, 650kg, 975kg & 1300kg 
Ring Certifications: BS EN 1917, BS 5911-3 & BS 5911-4, BSI Kitemarked

This 1200mm sealed manhole chamber ring is designed to form part of CPM's Perfect Manhole System. It has a thicker wall than standard manhole rings, meaning that it does not require a concrete surround (unless otherwise specified for the project), and a rubber seal which combine to form a watertight structure.

This is a Stepped model, available in 4 chamber depths, and is therefore ideal for installations where the distance from ground level to the benching landing area is up to, but does not exceed, 3m.

Product Features at a Glance: 

  • Strong and robust 
  • Fitted with Double Width Step Irons 
  • Thicker walls than standard rings
  • Doesn't require additional concrete surround 
  • Forms a watertight structure
  • No water ingress into sewage network reduces treatment costs
  • Reduced construction time on site 
  • Manufactured to BSEN1917, BSEN5911-3, BSEN5911-4 standards 
  • BSI Kitemarked 

 Suitable Applications: 

  • Surface water drainage manholes 
  • Sewer system manholes 
  • Pipeline junctions 
  • Pipeline direction changes 

Concrete Manhole Rings, also referred to as concrete chamber rings or concrete manhole sections, are used for the construction of access points to both sewage and surface water drainage pipes. These access chambers are usually situated at the beginning and end of a pipe line for inspection or rodding purposes. They can also often be installed to provide inspection access at any change of direction, diameter or level in a pipeline, or simply at intermediate points along a straight line of pipe. 

The Double Width Steps fitted in all CPM Stepped Manhole Rings are manufactured using virgin polypropylene copolymer plastic and reinforced with structural carbon steel. Polypropylene is used in the manufacture of car battery cases, which shows how resistant it is to concentrated sulphuric acid.

Key Features of Double Width Step Irons:

  • Bright colours ensure high visibility
  • No sharp edges
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • High tensile carbon steel
  • BS EN 13101, CE marked and Kitemarked

Customer Advice: For installations where the distance from ground level to the benching landing area is in excess of 3m, step irons are not permitted under United Utilities guidelines and a ladder must be installed. If unsure about the regulations, please contact our technical team for more advice or consult directly with United Utilities to confirm the relevant specifications for your project.

The CPM Perfect Manhole System is comprised of a monolithic precast concrete base, a sealed chamber ring, a rubber joint (so no tokstrip or similar product is required) and a sealed cover slab. This unique range of products are designed and manufactured to last a minimum of 120 years and give up to 40% savings on greenhouse gases compared to traditional manhole construction. They eliminate the need of ready mixed concrete to form the traditional base, chamber benching and further concrete to surround the manhole.

A complete manhole can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, helps ensure safe site practice by reducing the need to work in confined spaces and eliminates the need for wet trades resulting in rapid construction compared to traditional methods as well as a reduction in the time the excavation is open. 

Manufacturer’s Advice:For safety reasons, all chamber sections are loaded and delivered chimney fashion. When offloaded, they should never be stored on their side (on the roll), but should always be laid flat. Perfect Manhole rings require special lifting equipment as standard chamber ring lifting bolts do not work on this product. 1200 Sling set or 1500 sling set depending on diameter, or 2.5T lifting heads or 5t lifting heads with customers slings.

Key Features of the CPM Perfect Manhole System: 

  • Safer construction – No requirement to work in confined spaces. No requirement to form a concrete surround. Reduction of open excavation. 
  • GHG Savings – Up to 40% savings on GHG emissions compared with traditional build. 
  • Fast installation – The modular solution eliminates the need for wet trades resulting in rapid construction compared to conventional methods. 
  • Thicker Walls – No need to surround in concrete unless specifically required.
  • Watertight – The combination of a thicker wall and rubber joints ensures a watertight structure. 
  • No water ingress into sewerage network reduces treatment costs – The combination of a 130mm wall and sealed rubber joint to withstand a minimum of 5m / head pressure*.
  • No ex-filtration – the seal prevents raw sewage or dirty water from escaping into the surrounding area.
  • Combined seal includes load distributor – Load distribution ensures even distribution of vertical loads**.
  • Allows joint inspection – Correct installation can be visually confirmed. 
  • Base options – available pre-benched or plain bottom with or without inlet/outlets. 
  • Flexible connections – The perfect manhole can connect to plastic, clay or concrete giving you a larger choice. 
  • Fully tested under factory conditions – The whole system from base to cover slab is subject to testing. 
  • Kitemarked solution manufactured under factory conditions – Complies with the requirements of BSEN 1917 and BS5911-3. 
  • Concrete for Life – Built to last. High quality durable concrete with a minimum 120 year design life. 
  • Customer choice - The perfect manhole is available with or without double steps. Sealed chamber rings can be used without the perfect base. 
  • Marshalls CPM Perfect Manhole is accepted for use by all major UK companies and is included in Sewers for Adoption.

*Watertightness is defined in BS EN 1917 as resisting a 5m head for 15 minutes, this is to simulate a temporary surcharge condition not a permanent head of water. 

**Shafts in high water tables are subject to buoyancy effects. For further information please contact our technical team. 


Please Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate as concrete product dimensions can have slight variations due to their manufacturing process. Customers should ensure that lifting equipment has sufficient capacity to allow for variations. All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.  

16-20 working days
Product Type:
Manhole Chamber Ring
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Marshalls CPM
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