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Axedo 450 chamber with 160mm and 110mm inlets.
  • Axedo 450 chamber with 160mm and 110mm inlets.

160 x 110mm AXEDO 450 Inspection Chamber

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Product Details

AXEDO 450 is an inspection chamber system that utilises a 5-inlet base suitable for multi-application use.

This 160 x 110mm base has 2 x 110mm 45 degree inlets and 2 x 160mm 90 degree inlets. The main through inlet/outlet is 160mm diameter.

The base directly connects to EN 1401-1/EN 13476-2 pipe systems. Use a separate 160mm AXEDO UltraRib/Polysewer adaptor, Axedo Twinwall adaptor or Axedo Clay adaptor to connect to other pipe systems.

Use a shaft adaptor, sealing ring and standard 450mm diameter twinwall to build to ground level (up to 3m in adoptable systems and up to 6m in non-adoptable systems). If installing deeper than 1.2m, it is a legal requirement to use a 450mm restrictor ring to restrict access to the chamber to 300mm.