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450mm twinwall x 1.5m top view
  • 450mm twinwall x 1.5m top view
  • 450mm twinwall x 1.5m side view

450mm Unperforated Twinwall Riser (1.5m)

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3-5 working days
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Product Details

1.5m 450mm unperforated plain ended JFC twinwall pipe. Please note the ID/OD sizes below for accurate size dimensions.

The primary use of this pipe is as a shaft on an adoptable/non-adoptable 450mm Axedo chamber system up to 1.5m deep, however, it can also be used with 450mm twinwall fittings to collect and distribute surface water.

If used with Axedo 450 and installation is below 1.2m, a restrictor ring is required to restrict access from 450mm to 300mm.

If used with JFC twinwall, 450mm twinwall couplers are required to join two lengths of pipe together.

Manufactured from HDPE. Complies with HAPAS BBA.

Type: Unperforated
Inside Diameter (ID): 445mm
Outside Diameter (OD): 512mm
Length: 1.5 metres