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Klargester BioDisc BC 600mm invert rotational biological contractor sewage treatment plant.
  • Klargester BioDisc BC 600mm invert rotational biological contractor sewage treatment plant.
  • A 3D cross section of the Klargester BioDisc.
  • A 2D cross section of the Klargester BioDisc.

18 Person Klargester BioDisc BC Sewage Treatment Plant

10-14 working days
10-14 working days
£6,238.96 ex. VAT
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Product Details

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Model: BioDisc BC
: Up to 18 people
Diameter: 1995mm
Height: 2160mm (+300mm 750mm invert / +800mm 1250mm invert)
Depth to inlet invert level: 450/750/1250mm
Depth to outlet invert level: 1315mm
Pipe & Fittings: 110mm
Effluent Quality:
          BOD5: 8 mg/l
          SS: 13 mg/l
          NH4: 4 mg/l
          Phosphate: 2 mg/l

The Klargester BioDisc® treats wastewater to one the highest levels of standards in sewage treatment plants. It is the only packaged sewage treatment plant utilising Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) technology - banks of vacuum-formed polypropylene media - that lowers running costs, increases performance, and offers a low carbon footprint of operation. 

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Lowest running and maintenance costs of sewage treatment models in its class
  • No noise or odours
  • Low profile cover for minimal visual impact
  • 450, 750 & 1250mm invert options for complex site conditions
  • Control panel issues an immediate alert when a problem occurs
  • Single-phase standard power supply
  • Certified to BS EN 12566-3
  • CE-marked

The BioDisc® BC model has the highest capacity of the range, suitable for up to 18 inhabitants, and is most often found in multiple dwelling projects such as small housing schemes, barn/outbuilding conversions, holiday cottage lets, small office developments and property with drainage systems not connected to mains sewerage systems. On this model, there is no pumped outlet available - only gravity discharge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Klargester BioDisc® BC work?
A: Central to the operation of the Klargester BioDisc® BC is the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), which supports a biologically active film or biomass on to which aerobic micro-organisms, naturally found in sewage, become established. Natural breakdown of sewage can then occur as described below.

  • Wastewater and sewage flows into the primary settlement zone (1) where solids are settled out and retained. This accumulated sludge should be drawn out periodically.
  • Partially clarified liquor containing fine suspended solids flows upwards into the first stage Biozone (2) for breaking down by micro-organisms on the RBC. Suspended solids return to the primary settlement zone and the liquor is transferred to the second stage Biozone (3) for further treatment.
  • Any solids remaining are settled out in the final settlement tank (4) . The very high effluent quality is discharged to a watercourse.
  • The RBC comprises banks of vacuum formed polypropylene media supported by a steel shaft. This is slowly rotated by a low energy consumption electric motor and drive assembly.

Q: How easy is the Klargester BioDisc® BC to maintain?
A: The Klargester BioDisc® BC sewage treatment plant is designed for low-cost and easy maintenance.

  • Under normal usage your Klargester BioDisc® will require periodic emptying.
  • Klargester offers a full post installation inspection and after sales service.
10-14 working days
13-24 Persons
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Sewage Treatment Plant