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Clearwater Delta 2, Delta 3 or Delta 4 sewage treatment plant.
  • Clearwater Delta 2, Delta 3 or Delta 4 sewage treatment plant.
  • Cross section of Clearwater Delta2, Delta 3 or Delta 4 sewage treatment plant.

25 Person Clearwater Delta 4 Sewage Treatment Plant

10-14 working days
10-14 working days
From £9,274.90
£9,274.90 - £9,327.79
From £7,729.08 ex. VAT
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Product Details


Inhabitants: Up to 25 people
Max daily flow: 5000 litres (5.0m3)
Length: 5550mm
Width: 1916mm
Height (750mm invert): 2470mm
Height (1000mm invert): 2720mm
Depth to inlet invert level: 750mm / 1000mm
Fall between inlet & outlet: 100mm
Pipe & Fittings: 160mm
Effluent Quality:
          BOD5: 20 mg/l
          NH4: 10 mg/l
          SS: 30 mg/l

The Clearwater Delta range uses fluidised, fixed-film biozones to produce a cleaner, quieter and more efficient unit. This allows a simple and trouble free solution to sewage treatment. On top of this, the shallow design of this tank also offers a quicker and more cost effective excavation on site. It’s a win – win!

This Delta 4 sewage treatment plant has 3 turrets with a pedestrian loading cover only, suitable for gardens landscaped areas but not for traffic. Install the tank under a concrete cover slab for traffic areas.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Unobtrusive below ground installation
  • Low profile results in shallow depth excavation
  • Suitability for varying invert levels
  • Excellent durability
  • Compliant with BS EN-12566 Part 3 & CE marked
  • Sludge recycle pump in the final settlement tank
  • Simple maintenance with easy desludging

A sewage treatment plant does what it says on the tin; it treats sewage to make the discharge cleaner than the effluent that comes out of a septic tank. This means it can be discharged straight into a local watercourse or soakaway (subject to site conditions).

Please Note: All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

10-14 working days
25+ Persons
Install Type:
Large Capacity
Product Type:
Sewage Treatment Plant