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3,000 litre GRAF Platin Rainwater Tank.
  • 3,000 litre GRAF Platin Rainwater Tank.
  • 3,000 litre GRAF Platin House Direct Rainwater Harvesting System.
  • GRAF Platin House Direct Rainwater Harvesting System.

3,000 litre GRAF Platin House Direct Low Profile Rainwater Harvesting System

GRAF G70177


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Product Details

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Tank Type: Shallow Dig/Low Profile
Capacity: 3,000 litres (approx. 660 gallons)
Length: 2450mm
Width: 2100mm
Height: 1050mm
Inner Ø dome shaft: 650mm
Tank Weight: 180kg
Dome Shaft Weight: 9kg (pedestrian loading)/55kg (vehicle loading)
Warranty: 15 Years

This 3,000 litre Platin House Direct Rainwater Harvesting system from GRAF is designed to be a simple domestic solution. Quick and easy to install, it has a submersible pump which supplies harvested rainwater on demand to toilets, washing machines and external tap. It also features a Mains-on-Tap unit that tops up the tank whenever rainwater levels are low, guaranteeing a continued water supply.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Simple & quick to install
  • On Demand Rainwater Supply - submersible pump supplies harvested to toilets, washing machine & external tap.
  • Guaranteed Water Supply – tank topped up with mains supply when water level in the tank is low.
  • Mains-on-Tap - quiet and conveniently sized unit that can fit in a cupboard for low visual impact.
  • Innovative Float Sensor - ensures underground tank is kept supplied with mains water, but only the amount needed to supply demand whilst leaving as much volume as possible to collect rainwater when available.

Customer Notice: The processed water may be used to water the garden, flush toilets, wash clothes and as conventional cleaning water. It is Not suitable for consumption or personal hygiene

GRAF Platin Household Rainwater harvesting packages feature the Minimax-Pro (self-cleaning) filter that requires minimum maintenance and produces an over 95% water yield. With this filter package, the tank and filter overflows are connected to the sewer system.

Unsure what size tank you need for your property or need more information? Check out our articles on rainwater harvesting tanks.

The complete system includes:

1 x Platin Flat Tank
1 x Mini telescopic dome shaft with PP cover (pedestrian loading)
 or Cast iron telescopic dome shaft with childproof cover (vehicle loading up to 3.5 ton)
1 x House filter package consisting of:

    • Minimax-Pro internal filter (self-cleaning)
    • Calmed inlet
    • Steady inlet pot
    • Overflow siphon (with integrated rodent guard)
    • Spannfix quick assembly pipe connection sleeve

1 x House Direct pump package consisting of:

    • Mains on tap
    • INOX submersible pump
    • Internal Hose connection box
    • Floating suction set with fine filter and hose
    • Black and green pipe 25m

 Key Features of Platin Tanks:

  • Easy to Install – the shallow dig low profile design allows the tank to be installed without slope angles and therefore requires a very small pit.
  • Large Tank Dome - makes access for maintenance and cleaning work much easier.
  • Integrated filter technology - housed directly below the tank cover in the generously sized tank dome. It has low maintenance requirements, high water yield and can be removed without any tools if the tank needs to be inspected.
  • Versatile Tank Cover - can be telescoped and tilted in a continuously variable manner and is the only part of the tank system that is visible. It also features a child-proof lock and an internal water connection box.
  • Suitable for Vehicle Loading - when combined with a cast iron telescopic dome shaft, meaning the Platin tank can then be installed under your driveway.
  • Groundwater-Stable - the design of the Platin flat tank guarantees high stability and can therefore be installed in groundwater up to the tank shoulder.
  • Secure Investment – comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty


Please Note: All dimensions are approximate (the manufacturer reserve a tolerance of +/- 3%) and the useful volume of the tanks may be up to 10% lower than the tank capacity, according to the connecting option. All images shown are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

Disclaimer: Pre-condition for warranty benefits are proper handling, assembly and installation according to the mounting guidelines. The warranty may become invalid if any of these conditions are breached.

5-7 working days
Install Type:
Below Ground
Product Type:
Shallow Dig
1000 - 5000 litres
Water Supply: