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GRAF One2Clean system.
  • GRAF One2Clean system.
  • Cross diagram of 6500l GRAF One2Clean system.

9 Person GRAF One2Clean Sewage Treatment Plant

5 - 7 working days
5 - 7 working days
Large Item
£2,121.84 ex. VAT

Product Details


Volume: 6500 litres
Inhabitants: Up to 9 people
Max daily flow: 1350 litres
Length: 2390mm
Width: 2190mm
Height: 2390mm (+140-340mm cover)
Depth to inlet invert level: 555mm (+140-340mm cover)
Fall between inlet & outlet: 0mm (same level)
Pipe & Fittings: 100/110mm

Effluent Quality

BOD5: 7 mg/l
NH4-N: 0.5 mg/l
SS: 14 mg/l

The GRAF One2Clean simplifies the technical processes involved in treating sewage. All within a single chamber, there are no mechanical or pumping apparatus in the wastewater, this tank only uses the necessary technology keeping everything simpler, easier and cheaper to maintain.

A sewage treatment plant does what it says on the tin; it treats sewage to make the discharge cleaner than the effluent that comes out of a septic tank. This means it can be discharged straight into a local watercourse or soakaway (subject to site conditions). With the new legislations being put in place for septic tank discharge in 2020, choosing a sewage treatment plant is a positive forethought to future legalities. GRAF One2Clean tanks offer one of the cleanest effluent levels on the market.

  • Extremely strong, and requires no concrete surround (just a gravel base and backfill)
  • SBR wastewater treatment technology
  • Groundwater stable up to the centre line
  • CE certified to EN 12566-3
  • 15-year warranty on sewage reservoirs
  • 2-year warranty on compressor and parts
  • Low energy consumption of just 75 kwH per person/per year
  • Silent operation
  • Programmable holiday mode
5 - 7 working days
5-12 Persons
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Product Type:
Sewage Treatment Plant