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FASERFIX SUPER 100 channel drain with two F900 gratings.
  • FASERFIX SUPER 100 channel drain with two F900 gratings.
  • Close up of FASERFIX SUPER 100 channel drain with two F900 gratings.

FASERFIX SUPER 100 DI Channel Drain F900 x 1m

Hauraton 6000/6060
3-5 working days
£114.40 ex. VAT

Product Details

This item is supplied to order and additional refund & returns terms apply.

FASERFIX SUPER 100 is a fibre-reinforced concrete channel drain that comes in 1m lengths with a nominal channel width of 100mm.

Gratings for FASERFIX SUPER 100 are 500mm lengths; this product comes with 1x channel and 2x GUGI black ductile iron gratings.

The thicker channel walls of FASERFIX SUPER make it ideal for use in heavy duty load areas including airport runways and taxiways.

Use with a SUPER 100 Trash Box or SUPER 100 End Cap with Outlet to connect to the drainage system. Adheres well to foundation concrete (same coefficient); installation for asphalt surfaces up to E600 only without concrete stretcher.

Features & Benefits

  • 40mm galvanised steel high angle housing and inlaying grating
  • 8-fold securing of grating
  • SIDE-LOCK boltless locking system (90% saving in grating install time)
  • Mesh width 15/25mm
  • Channel manufactured from fibre reinforced concrete
  • Thicker walls than FASERFIX KS allows SUPER to be used in higher load areas, such as airports
  • Horizontal thrust resistance
  • High drainage cross section and hydraulic performance


  • All loading classes up to F900
  • Airport runways and taxiways
  • Heavy trafficked areas
  • Docks and warehouses
  • Railway platforms
  • Industrial buildings & loading areas
  • Car parks
  • Road verge drainage

For airport runways and taxiways choose FASERFIX SUPER, not the FASERFIX KS.


Channel with Gratings
Length: 1m (2x 500mm gratings)
Width: 190mm
Height: 190mm
Nominal Internal Width: 100mm
Internal channel cross section: 80 cm2
Grating drainage cross section: 494cm2
Weight: 51.60kg (per channel) / 7.60kg (per grating)

Accessories available include; end caps, trash boxes and foul air traps.

Product Type:
Grating Material:
Ductile Iron
Grating Type:
Nominal Size: