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Close up of the D400 ductile iron grating for RECYFIX NC 150.
  • Close up of the D400 ductile iron grating for RECYFIX NC 150.
  • RECYFIX NC 150 channel drain with ductile iron grating. D400 loading.

RECYFIX NC 150 DI Channel Drain D400 x 1m

3-5 working days
3-5 working days
£113.86 ex. VAT

Product Details

This item is supplied to order and additional refund & returns terms apply.

RECYFIX NC 150 Channel Drain is available in 1m lengths and is suitable for up to D400 loading applications. This product includes D400 ductile iron grating.

The NC 150 differs from the NC 100 in its higher drainage capacity and collection.

This extremely stable and lightweight channel is made from polypropylene, and yet more than capable of withstand all but the most extreme of loads rated up to D400 with a durable ductile iron grating (8-fold bolted).

Slot width 18mm.

Feature and Benefits

  • Combined channel and grating
  • Permanently able to withstand high loads and forces rated up to D400
  • High hydraulic capacity allowing more area per channel meter can be drained
  • Ready assembled and easy to install
  • Lightweight, with quick and cost saving installation
  • Maximum security through 8-fold bolt fixing
  • Certified to EN 1433
  • CE-marking
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP)

Suitable for

  • Car parks
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Public areas

Width: 212mm
Height: 210mm
Length: 1000mm
Weight: 15.70kg
Drainage cross section: 230 cm2
Intake cross section: 702 cm2/m

Accessories include; End caps, trash boxes and foul air trap.

D400 loading application complies with EN 1433 standard.

3-5 working days
Product Type:
Grating Material:
Ductile Iron
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