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3335m2 Clearwater Bypass Separator.
  • 3335m2 Clearwater Bypass Separator.

3335m2 Clearwater Bypass Separator

5 - 7 working days
5 - 7 working days
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Product Details


Flow: 6 litres/sec
Peak Flow Rate: 60 litres/sec
Drainage Area: 3335m2
Silt Storage Capacity: 600 litre
Oil Storage Capacity: 90 litre
Length: 1700mm
Diameter: 1350mm
Access Shaft Diameter: 600mm
Base to Inlet Invert: 1420mm
Base to Outlet Invert: 1320mm
Standard Fall Across: 100mm
Min Inlet Invert: 500mm
Standard Pipe Diameter: 160mm

Clearwater Bypass Separators separate oil, chemical or solids from surface water to ensure they don’t pollute the surrounding environment and water course.

This 3335m2 Bypass Separator is rota-moulded from polyethylene, making it compact and robust in structure whilst also being light and easy to handle/install on site.

Key Features:

  • Class 1 design
  • Fitted inlet/outlet connectors
  • Vent points in necks
  • Maintenance from ground level
  • CE-marked

This type of system is suitable in areas that it is considered acceptable to not provide treatment for higher flow rates, i.e. storm water, meaning there would have to be very little chance of a spillage and heavy rainfall occurring simultaneously. This is necessary as anything above 6.5mm/hr of rainfall will bypass the main chamber of the separator.

Typically this type of separator is installed in:

  • Surface Car Parks
  • Roadways
  • Lightly contaminated commercial areas

Within the main chamber of this system there is capacity for:

  • Oil separation
  • Coalescer
  • Oil storage volume
  • Silt storage

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5 - 7 working days