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Mains Indoor/Outdoor Separator Alarm.
  • Mains Indoor/Outdoor Separator Alarm.

Mains Indoor/Outdoor Separator Alarm

5 - 7 working days
5 - 7 working days
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Product Details

This mains powered Indoor/Outdoor Separator Alarm system is designed to observe the levels of oil, silt and liquid inside the separator. If high levels are reached, the alarm will raise a visual and audible alert to warn that the separator needs emptying.

The standard system is supplied complete with an intrinsically safe control unit together with a high oil probe. The control unit is capable of monitoring up to 3 probe units, displaying their current status via a 2 x 16 display. The output relay enables this status to be signalled to a remote location or activate a beacon if required.

Please Note: this alarm comes supplied with one high oil probe. Additional probes are available on request – please contact us for further details.

When installed in an Oil Separator, the system will regularly check for the presence of oil using conductivity whilst submersed in water. When the oil has built up at the surface and therefore is in contact with and covers the probe, the alarm will be triggered. When this happens it can transmit a signal to make the xenon beacon flash, an audible alarm will sound and a red LED on the unit will light up.

This will continue until the system can detect the separator has been emptied and refilled with water.

Key features of Separator Alarms include:

  • Easily fitted to existing tanks
  • Excellent operational range
  • Visual and audible alarm when ‘high’ levels reached
  • Reduces waste management cost
  • Automated and remote monitoring
  • Complies with EN858-1 and PPGG3

Mains powered Separator Alarms are ideal for sites or where a mains supply is readily and easily available, making installation efficient and cost effective.

Available in Indoor and Outdoor models – the Outdoor option comes with an IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure.

Important Notice: British European Standard EN 858-1 and Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guideline PPG3 requires that all separators are to be fitted with an oil level alarm system and that it should be installed and calibrated by a suitably qualified technician so that it will respond to an alarm condition when the separator requires emptying.

Please Note: all images are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

5 - 7 working days