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Clearwater Forecourt Separator.
  • Clearwater Forecourt Separator.

Clearwater Forecourt Separator

10-14 working days
10-14 working days
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Product Details


Length: 3963mm
Width: 1913mm
Overall Height: 2510mm
Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 200mm
Vent Pipe Diameter: 110mm
Access Shaft Diameter: 600mm
Approx. Empty Weight: 500kg
Approx. Full Weight: 10,500kg

Forecourt separators are a requirement for fuel filling stations. Complying with safety and environmental criteria is paramount in this type of situation and this unit does just that.

This Clearwater Forecourt Separator is a full retention separator designed to intercept pollutants, such as silt, oil and petroleum. On top of its capacity to store these separated contaminants though, it is also capable of retaining a spillage deemed possible on a petrol station forecourt. The capacity allowed for is the equivalent of a fuel tanker’s compartment (up to 7,600 litre).

Important Notice: in the event of a large emergency spillage, the tank would have to be emptied immediately.

Two discharge options are available for this separator:

Class I – usually required for discharge to any surface water.

Class II – normally used when discharge is to a foul sewer.

Both treat the flow by:

  • Separating oil and storing it.
  • Separating silt and storing it.
  • Breaking down emulsions into their component parts to prevent them leaving the unit (Class I option only).

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Simple to install
  • Class I and class II available
  • Fitted inlet and outlet connectors
  • Vent points in neck
  • Automatic closure devise
  • Coalescer (Class I option only)
  • CE-marked
  • Ground level maintenance

Installation Notice - To install this tank you will need a suitable concrete base and pea gravel or concrete backfill dependent on site conditions. If it is trafficked, then you will also need a concrete cover slab designed to ensure the loads are not passed to the unit below.

This separator should be installed and vented in accordance with Health and Safety Guidance Note HS(G)41 for filling stations, subject to Local Authority requirements.

Please Note: all images are used for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied.

10-14 working days