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450mm silt trap with 110mm connections.
  • 450mm silt trap with 110mm connections.

450mm Silt Trap Catch Pit

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Product Details

450mm diameter catch pit/silt trap. 1.5m deep and comes with 3x 110mm connections. Suitable for use with ULTRA3 pipework and fittings.

To be positioned upstream of attenuation or soakaway systems, such as RAINBOX. For use in a SUDs system to collect any suspended silts before a cellular soakaway/attenuation system. Works by isolating the silt and other debris and encouraging settlement in the base of the trap.

Cleaned by pumping or removing settled silt from the bottom of the trap. There is no internal bucket.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves water quality whilst also protecting parts of the drainage system.
  • Easily cleaned by pumping silt from the trap.
  • Strong but lightweight.
  • Twinwall shaft.

For 160mm connections see JDP's 600mm silt trap.

To cover the catch pit silt trap cast in-situ concrete collar, or use a 1050mm precast concrete cover slab with a 750mm square opening, with a cover and frame to suit the loading application. A 450mm restrictor ring is also recommended. Product is pictured inverted.

Within 3 working days