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225mm twinwall perforated (6 metre length).
  • 225mm twinwall perforated (6 metre length).
  • Perforations along twinwall length (225mm).
  • Stacks of 225mm perforated twinwall.

225mm Perforated Twinwall Pipe (6m)

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3-5 working days
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Product Details


Type: Perforated
Inside Diameter (ID): 225mm
Outside Diameter (OD): 265mm
Length: 6 metres
Weight: 18kg per length

This 225/265mm (ID/OD) perforated plain ended twinwall pipe is designed with small slots along its length that are intended to collect and distribute surface water, allowing the pipe to act as a filter drain to a suitable collection point.

It is mainly used for roads and highways drainage, but also suitable for agricultural and water management projects.

Features of this Perforated Twinwall Pipe:

  • Easy to handle and weighs less than 6% of the equivalent size of concrete pipe.
  • Quick to install, reducing plant and labour costs.
  • Twin extrusion process means pipe is strong with a corrugated outer wall and smooth inner wall, assisting hydraulic flow.
  • Design prevents silt accumulation.
  • Pipes can be cut easily on site using conventional hand tools but should be cut square between corrugations.  
  • Suitable for use on almost all soil conditions.
  • JDP can offer a full range of fittings and accessories with our Fabrication team manufacturing fittings in house.
  • Half perforated pipe also available upon request.
  • Manufactured from HDPE. Complies with HAPAS BBA.

Important Notice: This pipe is Rigid, NOT Flexible and intended for use with 225mm twinwall couplers or fittings are required to join two lengths of pipe together.

Within 3 Working Days