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Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Kit B - 450m2.
  • Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Kit B - 450m2.
  • Example of an Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Kit B in use.

Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Kit B (450m2)

5 - 7 working days
5 - 7 working days
£378.18 ex. VAT

Product Details

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This Enuramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Kit is designed for use with Enduramaxx Rainwater Tanks to provide a harvesting system for roof sizes up to a maximum of 450m2. It is comprised of a Combi Filter unit, siphon overflow and calmed inlet with length of drainage pipe.

Key Features of this Rainwater Harvesting Kit:

  • Designed for roof sizes up to a maximum of 450 sq metres
  • Two step cleaning system independent of flow rate ensuring high filtering efficiency
  • Filter cartridge location assists continuous removal of dirt
  • Frost resistant
  • Self-Cleaning and low maintenance
  • Filter insert easily removable for cleaning
  • Suitable for 110 mm (4”) downpipes
  • Filter unit weight 6.2 kg
  • Siphon overflow with skimming inlet
  • Siphon overflow pipe to fit a 130 mm hole in storage tank wall
  • Calmed inlet to prevent incoming water disturbing any sediment in tank
  • Calmed inlet also ensures fresh water is supplied to lower area of the tank resulting in complete and regular replenishment of stored water

For advice on how to size your roof and choose the most suitable tank size, check out our What size Rainwater Harvesting Tank do I need article.

How it Works:

Rainwater flows in and is equally distributed across the cascade where cleaning occurs, with the largest dirt particles forced across the primary filter and directly into the sewer. The pre-filtered water then flows over the secondary filter sieve (mesh size 0.65 mm) where the mesh structure washes any remaining dirt into the sewer.

This twice filtered water then flows into the rainwater tank via a calmed inlet which is designed to undertake a third cleaning step. It achieves this by allowing the water to enter the tank with minimal turbulence which prevents the disturbance of any sediment which may be present at the bottom of the tank.

This “calmed” rainwater entering the tank supplies oxygen to the water resting at the lower end of the tank, keeping it fresh by the prevention of anaerobic decomposition.

Finally, the overflow siphon, which incorporates a skimming inlet, skims the surface water inside of the storage tank removing additional debris, oils and other floating contaminants to further increase the quality of the stored water.


Customer Notice: The processed water may be used to water the garden, flush toilets, wash clothes and as conventional cleaning water. It is not suitable for consumption or personal hygiene

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5 - 7 working days
Install Type:
Above Ground